ChromaFusion Tone Maestro Harmonium

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Introducing the "ChromaFusion Tone Maestro Harmonium" – a symphony of style and innovation that transforms your musical experience. The Matte Red & Black BMF Sangeet Store 9 Scale-changer harmonium, adorned with sleek chrome accessories, embodies a perfect balance of elegance and modernity. Its ingenious stoppers layout allows effortless tone manipulation, enabling musicians to craft melodies with unparalleled precision. The ChromaFusion Tone Maestro Harmonium becomes an extension of your artistic soul, where the harmonious blend of red, black, and chrome mirrors the harmony of your compositions. Elevate your musicality with this harmonium that merges striking aesthetics and inventive design, inviting you to orchestrate your melodies with grace and mastery.


Scale-Changer Harmonium Specifications:


Number of Keys: 39

Key Material: Teakwood

Key Finish: Polished


Number of Fold Bellows: 7

Bellows Finish: Purple/Blue

Scale-Changer System:

Number of Scales: 9

Scale Changing Mechanism: Slider

Types of Scales: Chromatic



Base Pitch: A440 Hz



Number of Reeds: Triple

Reeds Material: Copper

Reeds Configuration: Bass-Male-Female


Harmonium Body Color: Red & Black (2-Tone)

Finish Type: Matte



Accent Colors: Silver


Sizing Guide:

Overall Dimensions: 26" X 12" X 16"

Carrying Bag:

Availability: Included

Material: Cloth/Fabric

Additional Features:

Coupler Function: Yes

Drone Function: Yes

Octave Coupler: Yes

Multifold Bellows: Yes


Harmonium Cover: Yes

Tuning Kit: Yes

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