Copper Cream Sonata Professional Tabla Set - 6.25" C/C# Red Sheesham Dayan and 9.5" 5kg Iqbal Copper Cream Painted Bayan

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Unleash the symphony within with the Copper Cream Sonata Professional Tabla Set, a fusion of craftsmanship and resonance that echoes the heart of music. This remarkable ensemble features a meticulously carved 6.25" C/C# Red Sheesham Dayan, resonating with the soul of melody. Complementing its allure is the 9.5" 5kg Iqbal Copper Cream Painted Bayan, an embodiment of artistic expression and technical mastery. Each stroke reverberates through the depths of copper cream, creating a canvas for your musical journey. Whether you're composing intricate compositions or embracing spontaneous improvisations, the Copper Cream Sonata Tabla Set empowers professionals with a canvas of sonic textures. Let your hands dance upon the skins, and with every beat, evoke a mesmerizing symphony that transcends time, connecting your heart to the rhythm of creation itself.

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 All Tabla Sets are inclusive of ;

- Interior Padded Tabla Bag

- Tabla Rings / Cover

- Tabla Ghattas (Pegs)

- Tabla Tuning Hammer


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BAYAN: 9.5"

DAYAN: 6.25"

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