Gorgeous Glossy Pink 4-Reed 13-Scale Changer **scratches on top cover

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An elegant, classy, glossy finished Pink 4-Reed 13-Scale Changer Harmonium is the latest addition to the The World's Rarest Harmoniums ; Exotic Scale Changers. The finest crafted harmoniums available in the world (last updated Oct. 15th 2022). We have worked tirelessly to narrow down the most skilled, creative, responsible, and trustworthy makers to source our Premium Harmoniums.  Each Harmonium is quality checked, tuned, maintained and tested to guarantee optimal performance, response & durability. We are proud to present to you, Sangeet Store's collection of World Class Premium Harmoniums. These Premium Harmoniums are distributed every week, and the limited edition items are always changing. Individual Video and picture samples are provided for every Premium Harmonium, 

All Premium Harmoniums include ; 

- Interior Padded Harmonium Bag