Harmony Noir Elegance: Matte Black 3 Reed BMF 9 Scale-Changer Sangeet Store Harmonium with Black-on-Black Keys and Golden Accents

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Indulge your musical senses with the Harmony Noir Elegance Harmonium from Sangeet Store, a masterpiece in both design and performance. This harmonium, finished in a sophisticated matte black, not only catches the eye but also delivers a symphony of rich tones with its advanced 3-reed BMF 9 scale-changer mechanism. The keys, in a striking black-on-black arrangement, provide a sleek touch to your playing experience. Elevating its aesthetic allure are the meticulously crafted golden accessories that add a touch of opulence. Perfect for both classical and contemporary musicians, this harmonium is a harmonious blend of style and substance, promising an unforgettable musical journey with every note played.

Scale-Changer Harmonium Specifications:


Number of Keys: 39

Key Material: Teakwood

Key Finish: Polished

Key Colour: Black On Black


Number of Fold Bellows: 7

Bellows Finish: Black

Scale-Changer System:

Number of Scales: 9

Scale Changing Mechanism: Slider

Types of Scales: Chromatic



Base Pitch: A440 Hz



Number of Reeds: Triple

Reeds Material: Copper

Reeds Configuration: Bass-Male-Female


Harmonium Body Color: Black

Finish Type: Matte



Accent Colors: Gold


Sizing Guide:

Overall Dimensions: 26" X 12" X 16"

Carrying Bag:

Availability: Included

Material: Cloth/Fabric

Additional Features:

Coupler Function: Yes

Drone Function: Yes

Octave Coupler: Yes

Multifold Bellows: Yes


Harmonium Cover: Yes

Tuning Kit: Yes

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