Pure Classical G#/A/A# Qasim Khan Niyazi & Sons Heavyweight Sheesham Tabla Dayan (6.0")

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The ultimate collection of Professional & Premium Tabla Dayans.

You can view & confirm your Dayan before shipping or purchasing virtually;  https://sangeetstore.setmore.com/devinramoutar

Sangeet Store's collection of Dayans. Our Professional & Premium Dayans are made of pure wood (Red Sheesham/Black Sheesham/Mahogony), and boast superb tonal quality. We have a wide variety of Dayans, ranging from soft feeling Dayans - rough feeling Dayans, basic designs - extraordinary Exotic Dayans, Nylon Strapped Dayans/Traditional Strapped Dayans - Premium Bolted Dayans.

We work with some of the best Dayan & Tabla Set manufacturers in the world. We are proud to bring you Sangeet Store's collection of Tabla Dayans.

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