Tabla Ghattas (Tuning Pegs) & Tabla Straps (Badi)

Fine-tune your tabla playing experience with our specialized Tabla Ghattas (Tuning Pegs) and Tabla Straps (Badi). Explore our collection designed for precision tuning and optimal performance:

1. **Tabla Ghattas (Tuning Pegs):**
- Precision-engineered ghattas for adjusting the tension of tabla heads.
- Crafted with durable materials for smooth and controlled tuning.
- Available in different sizes to suit various tabla dimensions.
- Ensures accurate pitch adjustments to achieve the desired tonal quality.

2. **Tabla Straps (Badi):**
- Essential for maintaining the tension of tabla heads.
- Durable and flexible materials for secure and reliable use.
- Adjustable length to accommodate different playing preferences.
- Facilitates the proper tensioning of the drumheads for optimal sound production.

These accessories are crucial for tabla players who want to achieve precise tuning and maintain the integrity of their instruments. Elevate your tabla playing experience with our high-quality Tabla Ghattas and Tabla Straps, where craftsmanship meets functionality in the realm of Indian percussion.