Serenity Tune Matte Harmony 9-Scale Changer BMF Harmonium

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Introducing the Serenity Tune Matte Harmony Harmonium from Sangeet Store, a musical marvel that combines the warm resonance of a matte grain wooden finish with the innovative features of a 9-scale changer and a 3-reed BMF system. This harmonium not only offers a rich tonal palette for your musical expressions but also exudes understated elegance with its matte wooden texture. The 9-scale changer allows seamless transitions between musical scales, providing versatility for a variety of compositions. The 3-reed BMF (Bass/Male/Female) system ensures a full-bodied, harmonically rich sound. Whether you are a seasoned musician or a passionate learner, the Serenity Tune Matte Harmony Harmonium promises an immersive and melodious playing experience that harmonizes both tradition and innovation. Elevate your musical journey with the exquisite craftsmanship and superior sound quality of this harmonium, designed for those who seek both visual and auditory perfection.

Scale-Changer Harmonium Specifications:


Number of Keys: 39

Key Material: Teakwood

Key Finish: Polished


Number of Fold Bellows: 7

Bellows Finish: Black

Scale-Changer System:

Number of Scales: 9

Scale Changing Mechanism: Slider

Types of Scales: Chromatic


Base Pitch: A440 Hz


Number of Reeds: Triple

Reeds Material: Copper

Reeds Configuration: Bass-Male-Female


Harmonium Body Color: Grain Wood

Finish Type: Matte


Accent Colors: Gold

Sizing Guide:

Overall Dimensions: 26" X 12" X 16"

Carrying Bag:

Availability: Optional (Separate Purchase)

Material: Cloth/Fabric

Additional Features:

Coupler Function: Yes

Drone Function: Yes

Octave Coupler: Yes

Multifold Bellows: Yes


Harmonium Cover: Yes

Tuning Kit: Yes

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You can view & confirm your Premium Harmonium before shipping or purchasing virtually; 

An beautiful MMF (Male/Male/Female) 9-Scale Changer Traditional Harmonium. The finest crafted harmoniums available in the world. We have worked tirelessly to narrow down the most skilled, creative, responsible, and trustworthy makers to source our Premium Harmoniums.  Each Harmonium is quality checked, tuned, maintained and tested to guarantee optimal performance, response & durability. We are proud to present to you, Sangeet Store's collection of World Class Premium Harmoniums. These Premium Harmoniums are distributed every week, and the limited edition items are always changing. Individual Video and picture samples are provided for every Premium Harmonium, 

All Premium Harmoniums include ; 

- Interior Padded Harmonium Bag

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