Where are you located? 

We are located in Toronto, Canada and operate by appointments only. If you would like, you can book one here: 


Do you ship to india? 

No, we do not ship within india. 

Why do you wear gloves?

We wear gloves to protect the quality and integrity of the instruments that we sell. 

Can I get a shipping quote to…?

Absolutely, for a shipping quote to countries other than Canada and USA, kindly message us with the product that you are interested in purchasing, as well as the following information:

Full name

Full address

Postal code


Do you sell… / Do you have… / What is the price of… / Can I see picture or video samples of…?

To view our full catalogue of instruments, with  prices, pictures, and videos, kindly view our website, www.sangeetstore.com. If a product’s posting is missing anything that you would like to see, kindly reach out to us, and we would be happy to help!

Are prices negotiable? 

Unfortunately, we do not negotiate and all prices are Final. Due to a nearly overwhelming amount of orders, we do not negotiate prices as inventory is constantly changing as products sell. 

How do I know that the instruments you are selling are good quality?

We have tested a variety of makers in order to find the best ones, and we communicate directly with the makers to ensure that we are able to source and provide the highest quality instruments for our customers. 

Where can I purchase your products?

If you are located in Canada or USA you can purchase directly from our website. If you are in another country, you can as well; however before you do that, you will have to contact us for a shipping quote. 

 Where are your instruments from/made?

Our instruments are made and imported from India via sea or air.

Why do I need to book a virtual appointment before an in-person one?

A virtual appointment is required prior to an in-person appointment, as we screen potential customers to ensure that we can service their needs, and no time is wasted for either party when they do come in-person.